Enhance patient engagement

Provide potential and initiated patients empathetic, expert support when and where they need it.

Care coordination

Provide your patients a human connection when they need it most with our highly experienced, clinically trained team who connect with prospective and initiated patients.

Pre-consult guidance

Care coordinators provide potential patients with human support and guidance

Disease category education

Help patients better understand their disease, including causes, symptoms, risk factors and available treatment options.

Facilitating doctor consultation

Assist patients in scheduling appointments with appropriate healthcare providers.

Schedule virtual follow-up

Schedule a follow-up appointment with the patient to discuss the treatment plan and address any questions or concerns.

Post-consult follow up

CareCoordinators will follow up with patients following their consultation with a healthcare practitioner to provide personalised support and guidance.

Treatment review

Review treatment plan outlined by the doctor, including medication regimen, dosage instructions and any additional therapies or interventions recommended.

Treatment usage

Provide guidance on how to use the prescribed treatment, including proper administration techniques, dosage schedules, potential interactions with other medications, and any specific precautions or dietary considerations

Answer questions

Answer any questions or concerns regarding the treatment plan, side effects, or expected outcomes.

Monitor side effects

Educate the patient on potential side effects associated with the treatment and instruct them on how to recognise and manage them.

Let patients interact in the way that suits them

Our care coordinators are able to support patients through multiple channels including phone, chat, text and email.


Patients can contact our care coordinators directly, book a call or follow up over the phone.


Patients can chat to care coordinators directly on disease awareness sites and within the full experience.


Patients can receive information, reminders and support via from SMS.


Patients can receive information, reminders and support.

End-to-end personalised healthcare journeys, 
ready to be deployed