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Healthcare starts online, be there

Patient activation and engagement platform for life sciences

Healthcare starts online

Patient activation & engagement platform for life sciences
Access the world of digital healthcare
Harmonise online and in-person healthcare
Drive better health 
outcomes for patients

End-to-end personalised healthcare journeys, 
ready to be deployed

Compliant & Secure

Foster informed independent clinical decision making
We provide access to clinicians while ensuring their clinical independence and adherence to established protocols.
Adhere to global privacy and security standards
Ensure compliance with international standards while securely collecting personal and health information from patients.

Our technology

RoseRx integrates with vetted healthcare and technology providers throughout the treatment journey to provide a seamless experience for patients whilst ensuring a compliant end-to-end solution for Life Science.

Fast-track your company's digital healthcare journey

RoseRx is your trusted partner to drive value in digital health and deliver better  outcomes for patients.

life science
Your platform for high-intent and engaged patients
Offer consumers modern digital healthcare experiences instantly.
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Drive visibility to your brand without the expense
Expand how you acquire new, high-quality patients and reduce costs.
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Deepen your relationships with life science clients
Connect your campaigns with tangible healthcare outcomes and deliver continual optimisation with data.
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Better data = better decisions

Capture behavioural data. Get powerful insights.

HCP Engagement
Treatment Adoption
Return on Investment
Identify high-value patient segments
When a patient starts a healthcare journey, it's a clear sign they seek care and more information. Trace their omni-channel journeys to understand which online interactions lead to prescriptions.
Know exactly how your marketing is working, or not working
RoseRx helps you capture valuable data throughout the patient journey, from when they start a healthcare journey to when they book a consultation and begin a treatment.