Optimise diagnosis and treatment

RoseRx develops tailored patient pathways to connect patients with the right doctors and treatments.

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Consumer healthcare is in our DNA

RoseRx empathetically engages with consumers and healthcare professionals, recognizing their desire for personalised and convenient experiences.

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Better paths to better health

RoseRx gives consumers and HCPs the right tools to be informed faster. Helping them take high value actions, to lead to better care—and better health outcomes.

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Built to be patient-first, always

RoseRx’s priority is to assist consumers and HCPs in their discovery of optimal treatments. We prioritise privacy and compliance to ensure they’re always in good hands.

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Turn awareness into action

Amplify your disease awareness campaigns, build trust, and drive meaningful engagement. While giving consumers access to a seamless personalised pathway to the right doctor for the right treatment.

HCP Engagement
Treatment Adoption
Return on Investment

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Easy to implement, personalised pathways that improves engagement and guide consumers towards diagnosis and treatment.

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Connect the dots. Understand how your disease awareness campaigns and consumer activity impact clinical outcomes so you can optimise the impact of your marketing spend and consumer experience.

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Help connect patients with educated, qualified clinicians through an integrated multi modality telehealth,  in person booking platform and fully support the patient through their pre-prescription  journey.

Our team is a group of experienced professionals from tech, healthcare, and compliance with a desire to provide better health outcomes for patients.

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