About us

At RoseRx, we're committed to connecting individuals to the best care and helping them live longer and healthier lives.

Our story

RoseRx was founded as a direct-to-consumer platform to help people find and access the medical treatment that was right for them. We were on the leading edge of personalised and convenient online healthcare experiences to help facilitate better care and health outcomes.

Our experience meant we were well positioned between those who make medicines and those who take them to provide more meaningful connections with patients, HCPs and life science.

Our mission

Core to RoseRx's work is our mission to connect individuals to the best care and help them live longer and healthier lives. We achieve this by empowering individuals to take action and start their healthcare journeys faster, easier and more informed. RoseRx is a growing leader in online healthcare and continues to work alongside some of the most prominent players worldwide, covering a wide range of disease states and therapeutics.

The team

Our team's expertise in consumer health and our collective experience gained from working at top global brands make us well-equipped to help individuals lead healthier lives.